Self Managed Super Fund Advice and Support

Mike Sheridan SMSF (Specialist)

The decision to set up a Self Managed Superannuation Fund requires expert advice from a qualified professional.

Many matters need to be discussed and considered before moving down this path.

Mike is a SMSF specialist designate and a highly qualified advisor who will spend the time with you to determine what is in your best interests.

Contact our team via our phone number or via e-mail for a no obligation appointment with Mike or one of our specialist advisors to help you move forward and help determine whether this path is right for you in terms of the development of your retirement benefits.

Mike Sheridan and Cartier Financial Group Pty Ltd ABN 51 169 460 548 are Authorised Representatives (232698/458787) of MyPlanner Professional Services Pty Ltd ABN 51 159 696 830 (AFSL 425542).

Cartier Financial Group Pty Ltd SMSF administration is outsourced to an external party. If this is a service you require, we can refer you to a preferred party.