Property Analysis and Support Services

Mike Sheridan MBA FIML

In 1995, Mike spent much of the year developing a rating system for real estate, as well as a rating guide for determining property suitability for property buyers.

He then, in conjunction with a major law firm and well known property valuation firm, drafted a guide for property buyers outlining "Dangers in Property Acquisition".

Since then, Mike has been lecturing publicly on technical property matters and has helped thousands of home buyers and investors.

Mike does not receive a commission from any real estate agent or developer.

Mike acts as a project manager to support the client in the acquisition of a property, and every step of the way provides guidance to ensure his clients are well equipped to deal with purchase matters.

Mike can assist clients in terms of technical property analysis, helping them determine purchase capacity and yield requirements necessary in order to achieve their goals.

For those considering purchasing a property as a home or investment, it is very important you speak to Mike before signing the contract on the purchase of a property.

Many buyers bid at auctions today believing they are in a position to do so when they may be at significant risk.

Don't put yourself at risk and call our team for a no obligation appointment to assess your plan.

During this appointment Mike will assess your ability when it comes to property acquisition and explain the different options available.

Mike will then explain the way he would suggest you approach the purchase from beginning to end, explain exactly how we can help, as well as the services that can be provided including the costs and charges associated with this support.

You may then go away and consider whether you wish to proceed with our support, without obligation.

Mike is an employee and director of Noblehouse Financial Planning Pty Ltd, providing advice and service in the areas of residential and commercial property analysis as well as business acquisition and organisational trading structures.

Services provided by Noblehouse Financial Planning Pty Ltd are made at arms length from the other companies and authorities stipulated on this website.