Business Trading and Structural Advice

Mike Sheridan MBA FIML

Mike holds a Master's degree of Business Administration with a High Distinction in Financial Planning and has provided business advice for much of his career.

Mike has advised many clients on;

  • The Acquisition of Businesses
  • The process of determining its suitability, worthiness and sustainability
  • Protective Structures

Mike has the knowledge and qualifications to advise on the financing of a business venture and along with his accounting support team, provide holistic service from the very beginning to the take-over of the business and beyond through ongoing accounting and support services.

Mike can provide clients with a business acquisition guide when beginning the search for a business, which is extremely helpful in determining whether a business should or should not be considered, helping reduce the time allocated to business assets that should possibly not be pursued.

There is an enormous amount of information to be considered when it comes to assessing the purchase of a business, such as the state of the lease, the requirement of further capital injection, the future existence of competitors, the financial situation existence and the importance of key personnel within the organisation.

How can Mike help?

Mike can support all existing business owners, those looking to create a new business as well as those looking to acquire an existing business.

Mike is a voice of reason, looking at the big picture to help the prospective client determine their suitability when it comes to running a business.

Mike will look at the prospective client’s capacity to invest and their risk profile before moving to determine the type and style of business suitable to the individual.

In providing business advice, Mike will ensure that the prospective client is fully aware of all costs associated with his support and service before they commit to progressing with his services.

Mike is an employee and director of Noblehouse Financial Planning Pty Ltd, providing advice and service in the area of business acquisition and organisational trading structures.

Mike is also a director of Adamas Accounting Pty Ltd and this company provides accounting and taxation support services.

Services provided by Noblehouse Financial Planning Pty Ltd are made at arms length from the other companies and authorities stipulated on this website.

Services provided by Adamas Accounting Pty Ltd are made at arms length from the other companies and authorities stipulated on this website.